Command Description Example
General Commands
!got The Game of Tomes is a Twitch game for writers! It runs 3 times a year: The Tourney of Tales in April and July and the big Word War in November. check it out at !
!got-calendar You can find a list of all reporting streams in the calendar over here:
!gotcalendar You can find a list of all reporting streams in the calendar over here:
!gotstream Join us for offical Game of Tomes streams over at
!whatsgot You can find our quick start guide to Game of Tomes here:
!gottwitter Follow us on twitter for the latest updates and highest quality memes:
!scm 🔫☕ Self Care Mafia: We pack heat + cocoa to ensure yous all are doin' self care! 🔫☕
!blackmarket 💸 The Self Care Mafia will have 'black market' pop-ups on during Tourney of Tales (GOT) for you to earn collectable badges each week for doing self-care tasks. They open at an undisclosed time on Friday and close at an undisclosed time on Sunday. 💸
!scl ✅ Get your Self Care Checklist - and be ready for the Black Market Popup Shops where you can earn collectable badges!. ✅
!gotdiscord Join our community on discord
!gotsocials Follow us on social media!
Major House Commands
!sauropoda "Evolve!" : House Sauropoda does things at their own pace. Slowly and inexorably, they work towards their goals, and it's almost impossible to stop them once they are in motion. Unfortunately, they can find adapting to new situations... challenging | led by RPGDinosaurBob (
!mollusca "What is Fish Shall Never Fry" : House Mollusca have their tentacles in everything. They never lack of ideas, and can often fit into very awkward spaces. They are, however, too smart for their own good, and sometimes get bogged down in the details, or with having too many tentacles in too many things. | led by JaySeaBoom (
!chiroptera "Type by Night" : House Chiroptera's primary advantage is that they are active when other people are not. They are excellent at seeing things from an entirely different point of view. However, like their namesake, they are blinded by bright lights (so they miss the perfectly obvious). | led by TaraFaeBelle (
!lapin "Ideas are Coming" : House Lapin is creative, friendly and ubiquitous. But they often get intimidated by large creatures (and tasks). Sometimes they spend so much time socializing that they forget to concentrate on the work at hand. They are masters of procrastination. | led by SableAradia (
!ailurus "Open Hearts and Pens" : House Ailurus are deceptively cute and playful, but they can also be fierce. While they prefer to write alone, they are sociable and always ready with a word of encouragement. They are determined to do their best and to help others reach their full potential as well, be that in writing or in life. However, this often leads to them getting overwhelmed. | led by MykolaVoid (
Minor House Commands
!meles "Words By Claw Or Paw" : House Meles is known for their fierceness and sheer stubbornness, and also for digging themselves deep (plot) holes. Never bother them while they are working! | led by TheClosetForge (